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Consultant Radiologists (All Modalities and Clinical Specialisms) - HRA Radiation Assurance Reviewers

Job Title: Consultant Radiologists (All Modalities and Clinical Specialisms) - HRA Radiation Assurance Reviewers Employment Type: Sessional
Location: England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland Speciality:
Salary: £500 per review (see role description) Contract Duration: N/A
REF: RA-CRE Contact Name: Radiation Assurance Team
Contact Email: Job Published: 24 days ago
Expiry Date: Aug 24, 2019



Opportunity for consultant radiologists with experience in performing local IRMER compliance reviews for research purposes to provide paid services at a national level.

We are recruiting a panel of Health Research Authority Radiation Assurance reviewers made up of lead Clinical Radiation Experts (CREs) and Medical Physics Expert (MPEs) to assist us in reviewing studies through the UK wide Radiation Assurance process. We are looking for CREs covering all modalities and clinical specialisms.

CREs reviewing through the HRA Radiation Assurance process will be undertaking a professional role supporting a UK-wide process, and contributing to improved healthcare in the UK. The Health Research Authority will coordinate the service to a process agreed across the UK.

Candidates should have experience of carrying out local IRMER compliance reviews, as well as lead CRE reviews. A short online training course about the review process will be provided to successful candidates. 

CREs who are members of the Royal College of Radiologists and are registered to review through Radiation Assurance can claim one continuing professional development (CPD) point for each review they complete through the process.

Details on payment arrangements for reviews can be found in our payments framework guidance.

For an informal chat please email with your contact details and we will get in touch.

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