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ISC Medical

Top provider of personal development and interview preparation courses for doctors in the UK

Throughout your career you will have received excellent clinical training, but what about the other skills you need to be effective and successful?

Whether you want to develop your management and leadership skills, become more assertive, learn to negotiate and deal with conflict, want to prepare effectively for a forthcoming interview, or want to know more about the NHS, ISC Medical has a course to help you achieve your aims.

All courses are evidenced-based, have been independently assessed and are CPD-certified.

One-day courses provide 6 CPD points. Two-day courses provide 12 CPD points.

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Our courses

12 CPD points. Only £399.
10% discount for DNUK users.
Discount code: DNUK10

Leadership & Management Course for Doctors (2 Days)

  • Designed around the new Healthcare Leadership model
  • Gain an understanding of the NHS and your own leadership style
  • Discover the impact of emotional intelligence on you and others
  • Consider various models of team leadership
  • Learn about inspirational and flexible leadership
  • Discover essential tools for mentoring and coaching

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  • Max. 18 candidates per group

12 CPD points. Only £399.
10% discount for DNUK users.
Discount code: DNUK10

Teach the Teacher / Train the Trainer Course for Doctors (2 Days)

  • Discover the principles of adult education
  • Learn about the different learning styles, discover yours, and learn how to adapt it to different audiences
  • Learn how to plan, set objectives, and deliver effective sessions
  • Discover how to coach and give effective feedback
  • Includes videoed presentation practice

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  • Max. 9 candidates per trainer

6 CPD points. Only £225.
10% discount for DNUK users.
Discount code: DNUK10

Assertiveness / Influencing Course for Doctors (1 day)

  • Explore the different approaches you can adopt to assert your authority and influence the behaviour of others.
  • Learn and practise the Social Styles tool to understand how you can personally relate to people with different personalities and modify your own style to get what you want from other people.
  • Explore several models which enable you to influence others through use of language.

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  • Max 18 candidates per group.

12 CPD points. Only £399.
10% discount for DNUK users.
Discount code: DNUK10

Change Management and Negotiation Course for Doctors (2 Days)

  • Understand what change is, what drives it and how to create a vision for people to buy into. Understand what makes people resist change and how to prevent and fight resistance.
  • Learn how to involve and motivate people to make change a success. Plan a successful transition process and motivation
  • Discover how to handle difficult personalities. Learn how to negotiate successfully, get buy-in and handle disruptive behaviour.

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  • Max 18 candidates per group

6 CPD points. Only £225.
10% discount for DNUK users.
Discount code: DNUK10

Interview preparation courses (1 Day)

We provide interview and assessment centre preparation courses for applicants to:

  • Consultant posts: London and Manchester.
    Max 6 participants. Only £359
  • CT/ST/Registrar posts: London and Manchester.
    Max 12 participants. Only £295
  • GPST Stage 3: London and Birmingham
    Max 8 participants. Only £295.
  • Medical school entry: London and Birmingham
    Max 16 participants. Only £169

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